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Hollia Production Lines of Reed Diffuser Sticks PRODUCTION LINE of our Reed Diffuser Sticks
HOLLIA is the biggest and most professional manufacturer & exporter of reed diffuser sticks in China and the quality of our reed diffuser sticks is the best of the world, which are made of premium quality rattan material. We use precise automatic cutters to cut rattan into different sizes to assure the exactly round section of each piece of our reed diffuser sticks and the excellent diffusing capability. Strict anti-mildew and anti-insect processes we take assure absolutely no mildew issue and insect issue of our reed diffuser sticks. Nowadays we have been exporting over 5 million US Dollars of reed diffuser sticks to over 30 countries all over the world.
quality of reed diffuser sticks

QUALITY of our Reed Diffuser Sticks
We produce top quality natural & colored diffuser rattan reeds. Our natural & colored diffuser rattan reeds passed the SGS REACH(SVHC) tests. Please refer to below the test reports of REACH (SVHC).
SGS REACH(SVHC) TEST REPORT No.SH9109284/CHEM Date: Jun.17,2009
SGS REACH(SVHC) TEST REPORT No.SHAEC1008775201 Date: Jun.29,2010
SGS REACH(SVHC) TEST REPORT No.SHAEC1017667401 Date: Dec.13,2010
SGS REACH(SVHC) TEST REPORT No.NGBEC1100193001 Date: Apr.26,2011
CTI REACH(SVHC) TEST REPORT No.RLSHE000970220001 Date: Apr.28,2012
CTI REACH(SVHC) TEST REPORT No.ECL01G026768002 Date: Nov.21,2014

reed diffuser sticks grades

QUALITY GRADES of our Reed Diffuser Sticks
Everyone knows that, top quality product is started from the top quality raw materials. We only import premium quality raw rattan material from Indonesia which country the best quality raw rattan is native to.

Now we supply 2 different quality grades as below,

1. Quality Grade AA:
Surface Appearance: 100%
Diffusing Performance: 100%
2. Quality Grade A :
Surface Appearance: 85%
Diffusing Performance: 85%
quality grade AA quality grade C

The surface appearance and diffusing performance are really different of different grades, and of course, the costs are surely different. Therefore, we have full ability to satisfy various demands of clients. The difference of quality grade AA & A as below,
1). Roundness: the roundness of quality grade AA is better than quality grade A
2). Surface: the surface of quality grade AA is better than quality grade A, much less flaws such as stains
3). Color: the color of quality grade AA is premium white, but the color of quality grade A is sometimes partial yellow or partial red
4). Performance: the diffusing performance of quality grade AA is 5-10% faster than grade A
5). Price: the price of quality grade A is 15% lower than quality grade AA
colored reed diffuser sticks

COLORED Reed Diffuser Sticks
Only high quality reactive dyes are used in our dyeing process of colored reed diffuser sticks, to assure absolutely no color bleeding in the oil base, alcohol base or water base diffuser fluid. We are able to dye the same color according to Pantone Color Card No. / PMS No. We are the unique company in China who is able to produce colored reed diffuser sticks do not bleed in water base diffuser fluid.

Please find below some sample colors:

black                         white                        brown
black rattan diffuser sticks  bleached white rattan diffuser sticks  brown rattan diffuser sticks
orange                      green                        yellow
orange rattan diffuser sticks  green rattan diffuser sticks  yellow rattan diffuser sticks
red                            blue                           purple
red rattan diffuser sticks  blue rattan diffuser sticks  purple rattan diffuser sticks

According to our experience, there are normally three types of diffuser fluid: oil base, alcohol base & water base. Oil base is for high end market such as household goods stores, alcohol type & water type are for mid range & low end market such as chain supermarket stores. Europe manufacturers always use alcohol to blend the diffuser fluid. US manufacturers more like use oil solvents like DPMA to blend the diffuser fluid because of the VOC law but sometimes some US manufacturers use deionized water blended with fragrance to get a lower cost meanwhile compliant to the VOC law.

We developed a new type colored reed diffuser sticks and carry two types of colored reed diffuser sticks nowadays,
A) colored reed diffuser sticks do not bleed color in oil type diffuser fluid, suitable for oil base diffuser fluid, just like the reed diffuser sticks in above testing report;
B) colored reed diffuser sticks do not bleed color in water type diffuser fluid, suitable for alcohol base & water base diffuser fluid.

Below is the chart regarding suitable types in different diffuser fluids,

type of diffuser fluid

type A

type B

oil base

donot bleed color

donot bleed color

alcohol base

not sure, depends on testing result

donot bleed color

water base

bleed color

donot bleed color

Type A is simple and easy to get, using reactive dyes with normal dyeing process; but type B is difficult to get, it require much complicated addtional color fixing process.
Below are photos of black reed diffuser sticks type A & type B.

type A in oil base diffuser fluid      type B in water base diffuser fluid

type a                 type b

Normally we distinguish and confirm colors in daylight, meanwhile, we have professional VERIVIDE COLOR ASSESMENT CABINET, and we are able to do colors in
1) light D65 (artificial daylight)
2) TL84
3) F
4) UV (Ultra-Violet)
5) CWF (Cool White Fluorescent)
bundle styles of reed diffuser sticks BUNDLE STYLES of Reed Diffuser Sticks
There are different types of bundle styles: bulk pack, clear tape, rubber band, raffia, ribbon, OPP bag, heat shrinkable film etc.

clear tape           rubber band       raffia
clear tape  rubber band  raffia    
ribbon                 opp bag             heat shrinkable film
ribbon  opp bag  heat shrinkable film
decorative reed diffuser sticks

DECORATIVE Reed Diffuser Sticks
We have multifarious decorative reed diffuser sticks. Please contact us for detailed catalog of decorative reed diffuser sticks.

specs of reed diffuser sticks SPECS of Reed Diffuser Sticks
1) Latin Name: Calamus platyacanthoides
2) English Name: Palm Rattan
3) Quality Grades: AA, A, B
4) Diameter: 1mm-11mm
5) Diameter Tolerance: +/-0.1mm
6) Length: any length, exactly according to clients` request
7) Length Tolerance: +/-2mm
8) Color: natural or colored
9) Shape: straight, or shaped
10) style: straight, or decorative reed diffuser sticks
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